Congratulations! You have found the bonus trivia page. I believe that maintaining a defined set of quirks makes life more interesting. After all, it might not make much of a difference if the total after tip were just any arbitrary value, but spending the extra moment to make it is a palindromic number is just more amusing. Life is too short to not find joy in the everyday.
  • I match (or mis-match) my socks according to the following rules:
    • Socks must be in the same style
    • Socks must share pattern, color scheme, or both.
    • It is preferable for socks to mis-match, if possible.
    • The redder sock goes on the left foot. The greener sock goes on the right foot. In the case of a tie, choose randomly. This color selection has to do with boats.
  • I leave tips such that the total is a palindromic number.
  • My favorite number is 5. My favorite platonic solid is the dodecahedron. My favorite archimedean solid is the cuboctahedron. My favorite zonohedron is the rhombic triacontahedron. My favorite polychoron is the 120-cell.
  • I am half-asian and half-caucasian. My mother grew up in Taiwan and I speak fluent Mandarin Chinese.
  • My Erdös number is 3.
  • My natural level of flexibility is epic. Here I am doing a bow and arrow stretch at a synchronized swimming meet.
What Makes Tea Sweet: An Exercise in Logic

A yeshiva student said to one of his fellows, "The sages ask: What makes the glass of tea sweet? If I reply that it is because of the sugar then I must ask: What is the teaspoon's purpose? The answer: To sweeten the tea, for which the proof is as follows: When you put sugar into the tea, it does not turn sweet until you have stirred it with the teaspoon. In which case, why do we need the sugar at all?"

The second student replied, "Indeed, it is true that the tea is sweetened by the spoon. Now, why do we need the sugar? My reply is that sugar is necessary because it's only when the sugar dissolves that we know it's time to stop stirring."