Knotted Origami

seems like just the thing that I should like Рseeing as I clearly very much like origami and knots. For exhibit here is an origami cubeoctahedron out of business cards that has been wrapped by a strand of red cord. The cord wraps around several times with four strand braids occurring every time four strands overlay. The resulting shape outlined by a cord is tetrahedral. I made this on the plane to G4GX. While there, I also worked on making a business card tetrahedron wrapped with octahedral knotwork, which, unfortunately, seems to have been misplaced.

Is this the launch of a new era of hybrid origami knotwork? One can only hope. =)


dance is a form of Irish Set Dancing. I belong to the Stanford Ceili group, which, in addition to practicing socially once a week, also performs a few times a year. Here are a couple videos of our performances. It’s fun! You should come join us!


The Fuller Arts and Crafts Museum

in Brockton, MA is hosting an origami exhibit featuring the work of MIT affiliated origami artists – including myself! The exhibit details can be found here. I went to the opening – here are some photos of the stuff that I have on exhibit.