Chopstick wrappers

Seem to exist just to give you something convenient to fold while waiting for your meal. Here are some of my recent chopstick wrapper folds – a heptagon, a trihexaflexagon, an octahedron, and the “hand holding chopsticks”.


Good skirts

for dancing seem to be surprisingly difficult to find, so I have taken to making my own. I really like this one. It spins well and has convenient pockets.


can be used to make very attractive choker necklaces. The bottom three here are choker length. My personal favorite is what I refer to as a “3 in 5” braid as it is a five strand braid that alternates between three and five strands. These braids all have the property that they were braided out of a single length of cord that was looped to form the number of strands in the braid and then braided normally downward. This is possible with all odd stranded standard braids, but no even stranded standard braids with greater than four strands. A second strand is added for color interest, as well as a loop and knot system for clasping (out of a 3-strand braid and a standard knife lanyard or Chinese button knot.

The Gathering for Gardner 10

was held at the end of March 2012. I had a really great time there, and, in addition to meeting lots of amazing people, learning a bunch of cool things, and seeing some astounding close up magic, also had the opportunity to put together a bunch of fun sculptures. Here are the three biggest projects that I contributed to.

ThisĀ slide-together is my own design, based off of a pentagonal hexecontahedron. Zachary Abel and Brett Wines helped with construction.
Gathering For Gardner - 01
This pen and rubber band structure, dubbed the “Ritz Icosidodecarlton” was a joint project with Zachary Abel, Lucas Garron, Brett Wines, Alex Fink, and Sai. Vi Hart also supplied some artistic input.
2012-03-30 16.00.22
Finally, this giant rubber band structure with the balloons (based off of a snub cube with “tendrils”) was designed by Zachary Abel and put together by a large group people (I didn’t all the names).