A trebuchet

is a medieval siege weapon. It’s also a fun summer camp project. Unfortunately, these were the only two pictures of the one that I helped build in summer ’03 at the NYSC – and both of them are cropped out from the background of an ultimate frisbee game, so the trebuchet detail isn’t really there. In the last two images I’ve labeled the different parts of the trebuchet, hopefully that will give you some idea of how it worked.


Zometool is a building system consisting of a variety or rods that can be slotted into balls at a variety of angles. It provides much more construction flexibility than the building toys you may have encountered as a child. For example, the structure in the first image is a projection onto three dimensions of a truncated 600-cell. I helped build these models in January 2004.




is an annual robotics competition held over a month at MIT. My team of NOT mechanical engineers built this awesome kludge-y robot (that worked pretty well) in 2006. As you can see from the design that I sketched on my hand, though, it wasn’t quite the death-inspiring roller-blading mecha that we were imagining…

The Sailboat Challenge

was a friendly challenge given to designers attending the 2006 Origami USA Convention in New York City. I’ve exhibited at the Origami USA Convention every time that I have attended, as well as participating in the Sailboat Challenge.


Here are some photos of it, including my sailboat (the one with little people in it) and those of other people attempting the challenge. The particularly epic sailboat with the kraken is by Brian Chan. All models are out of a single sheet.