Hypernom – a 4D VR Game

Hypernom is a 4D VR game that I’ve been working on with Vi Hart, Henry Segerman, and Marc ten Bosch. We’ve already talked about it on the eleVR blog. You can see the code on Github, read about the math behind the game in our paper, and see our presentation about it at Bridges 2015 in flat and spherical video … amongst other things. So I thought I would try something a bit different in my blog post…hypernom

In which I explain our new game using only the ten hundred most used words.

I work in a group that makes things for the pretend world that you wear on your head. We just made a game where you eat four-world things, one three-world thing at a time. My favorite thing to eat is made up of my favorite three-world thing.

My favorite thing in the three-world is made from ten and two faces  with five sides each that are put together.

My favorite three-world thing is like a different three-world thing with twenty faces with three sides each that are put together. The points of my thing are like the faces of the other thing and the faces of my thing are like the points of the other thing. Both things have ten times six edges and share a group with 10 times six times two parts. Notice that 10 times six times two is also five times (ten and two) times two and three times twenty times two.

If you get a hundred and twenty of my favorite three-world things put together then you have another of my favorite things. It does not fit in the three-world and instead lives in the four world. In the fun game that we wrote, you can eat all hundred and twenty of my favorite three world things by moving your head around.

Go try it out now!


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    1. It works in non-VR on at least Firefox and Chrome as well as on mobile devices in and out of VR. You need special versions of Firefox and Chrome to run it in VR-mode. You do not need VR to play with it. You can also navigate with arrow keys and etc.

      There is a more detailed explanation of how to play available here: https://github.com/vihart/hypernom

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