Geometric art

Pentagonal Hexecontahedron Lamp
Shows up all over the place.
Pentagonal Hexecontahedron Lamp
Pentagonal Hexecontahedron Lamp
Even when you aren’t looking for it.
The first couple of photos are of a neat lamp at a restaurant that I went to recently. It is made out of sixty identical pieces that form a pentagonal hexecontahedral shape. The other two pieces are examples of large outdoor sculptures at MIT.

The Chaka Stata

was an exercise in building an Incan rope bridge in as traditional a manner as possible. My classmates and I spent much of our Spring 2007 term twisting twine into two-ply cords and cords into thick ropes. Fortunately, the end result was beautiful and well worth it. It was also covered pretty thoroughly by the press. The MIT spotlight on it, with links to various articles about our bridge, can be seen here:

The images here were taken by Christine Espino

A playground

in Foster City provides an alternative to climbing at Castle Rock.

Also, other pictures from my visit to San Francisco (tower in the Japanese area) and the Exploratorium (ice freezing, geyser things) no longer sufficient for their own post now that my phone has died and I’ve lost most of them (including all the ones with me in them…and the pretty geometric structures…and the random break dancer…). 🙁
Very, very sad.