Mobius Napkin Rings, Spherical Video

Ever wondered what a “hands focused” tutorial video would look like if you could see the whole scene?

As you may remember, I’ve been working on live action virtual reality video with Vi Hart and Emily Eifler. Recently we picked up a few Ricoh Theta cameras, the first real consumer grade spherical camera, and have been having fun making impromptu 360 videos. The videos are pretty low resolution and not stereo, but way easier to create video with than our usual process (which is higher resolution and stereo*). This means that spherical video web logs, or sphlogs**, and impromptu videos are finally a thing.

I think “hands”-style videos and video tutorials are an interesting medium and format in ordinary rectangular video, and wondered what they would be like if you could see the whole scene. If you’re also curious then check out my video on making mobius strips out of paper napkin rings above and find out!

See more spherical videos from me, Vi Hart, and Emily Eifler on the eleVR Youtube channel, and check out to learn more about our VR exploits.

* Full disclaimer, stereo everywhere on a sphere isn’t possible, but it’s stereo in all the places and ways that people tend to look around.

** From “spherical vlog*** ”

*** From “video blog**** ”

**** From “web log***** ”

***** From an actual wooden log-type thing floated on a ship and read off of to record the speed of the vessel and people presumably asking if the “log” had been recorded

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