When I first started this blog, it was really just a generic medium to share what I’ve been doing with my life. As it’s progressed it’s turned into more and more of a mathematical art and recreational math focused blog, which is awesome, but means that it no longer feels like a great place to share my random vacation photos, non-mathy artistic endeavors, and other fun projects.

For example, virtual reality.

See, a few months ago, I got a surprise phone call from my friend Vi.

“Have you tried the Oculus?”

Vi makes videos and, after trying the Oculus, she suddenly felt incredibly limited by the rectangularity of the medium. VR video is the future of video, and she wanted to get in ahead of the curve. Did I want to join?

Together with Emily Eifler, the three of us have been thinking about, experimenting with, and creating live action virtual reality videos – all while sharing our insights and results on the web. We’ve named our research project eleVR, and I think that a number of the readers of my blog here might be interested in the fun, thoughtful, and often quite mathematical things that we talk about there.

I’m probably not going to talk much more about eleVR stuff here. So, if you want to learn about the future of video in probably the most math-y art-y way possible (Did I mention that the eleVR team includes both me and Vi Hart?), then you should definitely follow us at elevr.com.

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